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Church Rapture

The not so Secret Rapture of the Church

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More Surprises From the Lord I went to the Laufou Shopping Centre, but the lady I went to visit was not there. So I asked the Lord to direct me to someone who was in need of these books. I was impressed to visit the businessman who owned the mobile phone shop. I introduced myself and showed him the books. He was fascinated with them and immediately gave me a cheque for a set of The Bible Story and Great Stories for Kids.

I quickly went to fetch the books from my vehicle, and when I returned with them I was surprised by one of his customers who greeted me and said, “This is the second time I have seen you with your books. Maybe there is something important the Lord knows I need from you.”

I introduced myself and made an appointment to meet her the next day. I showed her the books and we chatted like old friends. I found out she was a doctor's wife. She ordered Great Stories for Kids, The Bible Story, Tiny Tots Library and My Bible Friends. When she found out I was a Sabbath keeper, she joyfully shared with me how her family were enjoying the TV ministry. After sharing more with her, I invited her and her family to our next evangelistic meetings.

As we pray for this family, who knows what further surprises the Lord will have in store!  - Merelini Tago, former Leader, American Samoa

Important reading: To find why the Bible calls the Papal Church Babylon, please read the origin of Babylon and the Sunday Sabbath, paganism and Christianity and then how the Sabbath was changed to Sunday, so it will then be very clear how and why Satan did this. What is the number 666 has almost lost information explaining how 666 originally came from Babylon and why it is now applied to a man in the Papal Church. The secret rapture and the seven year tribulation is a huge and fast spreading deception from the real truth on the second coming of Christ Jesus. [dark]